Book cover Dick Cheney's Fingerprints
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Dick Cheney’s Fingerprints

On March 20, 2003 the United States and Great Britain attacked Iraq, staying for 8 years, 273 days and leaving behind 150,000 Iraqi civilians dead and another half-million collateral victims. The cost to the US is estimated at $3 trillion that we didn’t have to begin with and failed to tax ourselves for. No one yet knows the true cost. A nation terrified after the 9-11 attacks failed to either prevent or protest it.

Jim Freeman voiced his concerns each step of the way, but as Voltaire said some 300 years ago, “It is dangerous to be right in matters where established men are wrong.” They were tragically wrong. Yet the script was in place and had Dick Cheney’s fingerprints all over it. A must-read to bring timing and context to chaos, not a word altered to reflect hindsight.