Book cover Evoke
FEATURED | Fiction


EVOKE explores the near future, where ordinary lives struggle with mind-blowing technology, defying imagination, virtual reality or even today’s artificial intelligence. An implanted chip enables you become someone else, fully immersed in their experiences, thoughts, and sensations.

Feel the thrill of victory as a top athlete, bask in the adoration of rock star fans. Climb Mount Everest in the morning, dine in Paris that evening. And yes, you can make love to supermodels. Your wildest fantasies become reality. But amidst this digital tapestry, profound questions arise.

Who are you when you can be anyone and do anything online? And who holds the power to control these experiences and grants access to this groundbreaking technology? EVOKE uncovers the intricate social and political ramifications that lie beneath the surface. A presidential election is at stake.

The novel navigates the journey of a senator tasked with introducing this technology, facing political pressures and ethical dilemmas. Some users grapple with addiction and crumbling personal lives, while others use EVOKE for personal growth and success.

EVOKE combines dynamic dialogues with deeply human stories that challenge readers to question their own identities. Prepare for a thought-provoking journey through a world teetering on the brink of revolutionary change. We all know that such technology is coming. Are you ready? Can anyone really be ready for that?

You’re about to find out.