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Doing More with What You Have, to Be More Productive and Profitable – the Place Everyone Wants to Work.

What do we mean by doing more with what you have? We mean,

  • no big capital investment,
  • no sweeping changes in personnel and, most importantly,
  • no confusion during the process of change.

Because of course there will be changes. Possibly a new approach to marketing, some tweaks to sales follow-ups but, for sure, a changed relationship between owners and employees.

That’s why I don’t meet with middle managers. They’re not decision-makers, often more protective of their own position than moving forward. My initial meeting is with the owner or CEO. If we don’t see eye-to-eye, no damage done, and we go our separate ways. But should we agree on a plan (or even another time to talk), we can move forward from that understanding.

How exactly does that make your company more productive and profitable? I’m a results-oriented guy and the work we do together is measurable: soft applications that prove or disprove themselves in quarterly results.

The goal is to make your company the place everyone hopes to build their career. A company where employees feel they are heard and supported, rather than driven and evaluated. In a word—trust. And trust begins in the front office and reaches all the way down to the guy who sweeps the floors.

Most owners and/or CEOs have no one to talk to about their doubts, fears, and sketchy plans. I know that was true during the 35 years I ran my company in Chicago. It’s our job to maintain the confidence of our Board of Directors, banks, clients, managers and even our wives. That doesn’t leave much room for a sounding-board when the burdens of confidence rule out confessions of uncertainty.

One of my closest friends is a retired CEO of a major international firm, with offices in six countries and 25,000 employees. When I shared this approach with him, thinking perhaps I’d missed something, he agreed wholeheartedly. “You have nailed the major problem of all leaders,” he said. “I lived with it for 40 years.”

Let’s get together and talk some more about that.

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Jim Freeman is an inspirational conversationalist and coach. Hundreds have benefited from his many decades of insight and wisdom – whatever their position, and whatever their line of work.

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