Book cover Letters from Ceilia
FEATURED | Fiction

Letters from Ceilia

Women who’ve read Letters from Ceilia are shocked that a man could have written it. The novel offers a profound exploration of the female psyche and experience. Jim Freeman’s astute portrayal of a modern woman’s journey resonates with young professionals and ambitious women on the rise, who recognize their own story.

Ceilia Lybrand appears to have it all—a thriving design career, financial success, and a seemingly perfect stockbroker boyfriend. But just under the surface, her personal life is crumbling while her professional aspirations soar. Written with cinematic skill, Freeman depicts the delicate balance between career achievements and the personal struggles most business-women face. The dialogue is fast-paced and compelling.

A surprise unfolds through Ceilia’s internet search. Seeking solace and third-party connection during a low moment, she connects online and the back-and-forth conversations between two strangers help her find direction.

Freeman skillfully addresses a number of sensitive and timely issues, including sexual predation by Ceilia’s step-father and expectations of sexual favors from a prominent client, while her boss all but insists she go-along to get-along in order to save the contract. These powerful circumstances make Letters from Ceilia even more relevant in the post-pandemic era and the aftermath of the Me Too movement.

If you’re ready to live a skilled and beautiful young woman’s adventure for a few hundred pages, you’ll find it hard to put down. Explore the depths of her struggle, as she navigates the complexities of personal and professional relationships.

It’s woman’s book that men who care about women should read.