Book cover Letters from Ceilia
FEATURED | Fiction

Letters from Ceilia

Ceilia Lybrand has it all, a design career that’s bringing her money and recognition, along with a live-in stockbroker jock boyfriend. Life is good, or so it would seem. The chance finding of a company document on the copy machine sets her on a path of both self and career assessment that turns her life upside down, bringing her face to face with who she is and testing her willingness to put it all on the line.

Support is half a world away in an almost accidental and continuing e-mail exchange with someone she’s never met, close as her keyboard and as distant as a voice in the night.

Letters from Ceilia touches on issues successful women would rather avoid looking at, much less confront. Like most career women on the rise, Ceilia approaches her life and work with female emotions, despite the fact that she lives in a world largely defined and run by men.

Through her correspondence, we get an intimate look at Celia’s psyche. Searching for strengths and struggling to survive, she puts her relationship and career at risk.

But is it worth it?