Thinkers I admire: Seth Godin

The low-stakes argument

It’s tempting,” he writes, “and fun to argue about the logo. About the way the toilet paper is hung. About how to load the trunk of the car.

“These sorts of arguments work precisely because they don’t matter. At all.

“And they distract us from the incredibly difficult work of discussing the things that actually do matter. That we can take action on. That are easier to ignore.”

Seth has been sending these brief insights to my in-box, seven days a week, for twenty-one years

I have a specific archive, into which perhaps one in twenty is worthy of remembering—perhaps forever—and working out in my own daily life or passing on to others. That’s three hundred and eighty-three staggeringly useful perceptions and more coming (okay, maybe staggeringly is a bit much).

Who else does that for you? Who else cares enough to put in that effort every single day and want nothing more for it than your e-Mail address? Do yourself a favor and subscribe to Seth’s blog.

Your writing deserves it.



Dick Cheney’s Fingerprints

On March 20, 2003 the United States and Great Britain attacked Iraq, staying for 8 years, 273 days and leaving behind 150,000 Iraqi civilians dead and another half-million collateral victims. The cost to the US is estimated at $3 trillion that we didn’t have to begin...

Writing is a Craft

And like other crafts, there are lots of ways to approach it. I’ll tell you mine and maybe it’ll be a help to you…and maybe not. For one thing, I treat writer’s block as if it was a myth, which I think it is. Staring at a blank page is just taking yourself too...

Ask For the Sale

If a member of my sales staff has eight or ten bids for work out there, he’s in trouble with me. There’s comfort in having  lots of possibilities and comfortable sales people are not out there generating more leads—they’re comfortable. So if you manage salespeople,...

Ernest Hemingway as a Writing Guru

Ernest Hemingway is one of the most celebrated and influential American writers of the 20th century and he left an indelible mark on literature with his distinctive writing style and adventurous life. His experiences as a journalist, ambulance driver during World War...